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Our With One Voice social inclusion program is a unique vehicle to bring your whole ‘centre family’ together to create powerful community goodwill and offer unique forms of resident and staff health benefits, positive inclusion and entertainment.

This is a fantastic way to connect your residents, staff and general community to improve workplace cohesiveness and to support community wellbeing and happiness. We empower people to find their voice through the neuroscientific benefits of singing.

Our specifically designed program for Aged Care Providers has been tested and trialed in many settings and proven to be a popular and highly attended program for all partners. A With One Voice choir not only improves the health and wellbeing of the participants, but also creates strong connections throughout your facility. Moreover, the choir provides opportunities to engage with your wider community in a new and accessible way.

Having a With One Voice choir sends a positive message about your values and the importance of community.

We like to sing, we like to learn. We are all united as a family, as a small community. One hour of singing in the choir creates long lasting happiness in our small community. I can strongly say that Choir has huge physical and mental benefits for all of us, especially for our residents. The happiness, joy and feelings expressed by all residents during our choir practices are priceless. Jadranka Maksic – Lifestyle Coordinator – Royal Freemasons Centennial Lodge

“It [the Choir] has become a marker point in the week for all members. It takes only an hour, but that hour is a respite from our demanding and stressful jobs when we immerse ourselves in an activity that is different, energising, a team endeavour, mentally stimulating and just downright fun.” – Imelda Dodds, Protective Commissioner and Public Growth

“It’s far more than just a choir. With One Voice truly provides the residents and members with the opportunity to belong, connect, engage and express who they are”. – Justin McCarthy, Residential Manager – Benetas St Georges


Each week a professional, creative and dynamic conductor will lead a group (composed of residents, staff, family members, and anyone wishing to join) through warm ups, entertainment exercises, and 60 minutes of singing. We choose well-known, positive songs that everyone can connect to and which create a fun, energetic and memorable experience! Following singing, the group will share a meal to create a deeper connection between all attending.


  • Great exposure and goodwill and name recognition in the community
  • Improved profile through an association with the award-winning With One Voice program
  • Increased publicity enhancing community connection
  • Better engagement between clients, staff and families/ local community
  • Improved wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem for all participants
  • Singing produces physiological responses that boost the immune system, improves blood flow, breathing and posture, expands neural pathways and leads to greater brain plasticity improving memory, language and concentration
  • A regular activity that staff look forward to
  • No auditions and no singing experience needed


A With One Voice Choir program in your centre will assist with meeting Criteria 4 of the standards: Services and supports for daily living, especially concerning “services to encourage and support consumers to take part in social and other activities they are interested in, including community life”.

• Engaging your workforce in doing something with the residents and not ‘for’ them is revolutionary in how it brings people together and creates trust enjoyment and understanding Standard 4, Req (3)(b)
• Because our choir comes to you, experiencing decline does not mean missing out. Standard 4, Req (3)(c)
• Reports from previous partners have told us that our choirs quickly become a high point of the week for residents and staff. It provides purpose. Standard 4, Req (3)(c)

For information and to chat about how a With One Voice Choir can be tailored to your needs, please call Nathan on (03) 8679 6088 or email

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