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Are you a senior?

“I leave the choir and feel alive and full of energy” – ANZ Sings Member

“With One Voice Choir Altona Meadows has been singing at St George’s Aged Care Home for more than three years now. I believe it to be the single best and most effective activity that we conduct here. Music is such an essential element of our lives.

We have a core group of residents that love to sing in the choir and look forward to this every week. Add to this group, the residents that come to watch choir practice and then the residents that choose to remain in their rooms and listen from there, and the numbers quickly add up.

Nearly 80% of our residents enjoy the benefits of music from our choir every Wednesday afternoon. We even have family members and neighbours that come into the home, just to listen to the choir. I think what we have with “With One Voice Choir Altona Meadows” is the very definition of “Community.”

Carol Digna, Community Coordinator Residential Care
– Benetas St Georges,  October, 2017

“We like to sing, we like to learn. We are all united as a family, as a small community. One hour of singing in the choir creates long lasting happiness in our small community. I can strongly say that Choir has huge physical and mental benefits for all of us, especially for our residents. The happiness, joy and feelings expressed by all residents during our choir practices are priceless.”

 Jadranka Maksic, Lifestyle Coordinator
– Royal Freemasons Centennial Lodge, October, 2017

Getting older makes you wiser, but there are still things even the oldest and wisest people need help with. If you are approaching this new phase in your life, you may need some general information about life as a senior. Perhaps you are looking for a home, looking for medical advice, or perhaps you need help rearranging your finances? Or perhaps you are just looking for a new friend or a new way to get active?

Whatever age brings, we can help you understand your options and put you in touch with the relevant services and organisations. Please feel free to talk to your conductor at choir, or contact us at the office – asking for help is wise, and we are here to listen and put you in touch with people and services that can help.

Who can help you?
We recommend the following organisations – they can help you access the appropriate services and advise as a senior.

Aged Care Australia is portal of the Australian Government and is a comprehensive, impartial resource for about aged care. If you’re an older Australian or looking after an older family member or friend, you’ll find information in these pages that can help you work out what services are available to help you and how you can get started. Aged care is a shared responsibility that involves family, friends, volunteers – and the Australian Government.

Contact Information: 1800 200 422, [email protected],

AgedCare is Australia’s Aged Care Website; a dedicated resource tool that provides family, friends and carers with information regarding Aged Care facilities, products, services, news and jobs in the ageing community.

Contact Information: (03) 9596 6008, [email protected]

YOURLifeChoices – for fun in your 50s, 60s and beyond – Home, Health, Travel, Work Finance, Activities, Recipes, Work, Technology – it’s all here.

Contact Information: [email protected]

Remember, you can always ask your conductor or fellow choir members for advice – you are never too old to ask for help.

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