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Help more people to connect to their community and find their voice through our With One Voice social inclusion program.

Your donations are essential for supporting less-financially able participants. We invite you to help create a happier, healthier, more inclusive nation. Together, we can change the world… one voice at a time.

Donations of all sizes are welcome and all donations over $2 are 100% tax-deductible.

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Download the Creativity Australia Donation Form.

Either email it to us at: [email protected]

Or post it to us at: Level 4/479 St Kilda Road Melbourne, VIC 3004

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To discuss your contribution to Creativity Australia and the With One Voice program, please call (03) 8679 6088 or email [email protected].

More information

Please make a tax deductible donation to help us expand the With One Voice program to reach more people than ever before, building stronger, happier and healthier communities. Read stories and testimonials from our participants and networks.

The With One Voice Giving Circle

The Giving Circle is a group specifically set up to thank and recognise all individuals that help to support disadvantaged participants through tax-deductible donations from $20 upwards. For just two coffees a week ($10 per week) or $500 per annum, you can support someone for 12 months. Your donation gives someone less financially-able the opportunity to be a part of the life-changing With One Voice program. You can support as many participants as you like, for as long as you like.

Download The Giving Circle Form Here! (PDF, 319KB)

Julian“I had bad anxiety, mainly from not working since my retirement, which could have become depression if I had not found Greater Dandenong Sings. Singing has helped as it makes me happy, it’s uplifting, but also talking to people who had similar problems. The choir is supportive. We sing happy songs that give a sense of positive good feeling. I always look forward to choir. I think I will be singing there until I can’t anymore. My wife noticed the difference in me. I’m back to me normal self now.” Julian (With One Voice Greater Dandenong)

Singing makes me happy “The very big reason why I have joined the Melbourne choir was to belong, and to be needed.  I have been depressed for some time now, as I have not seen my daughter, or my two beautiful grandchildren Erin and Emma for the last 15 months, and I have been feeling very empty, lonely, and Lost. Most of my days I am crying. I know then I was going through depression. I had been going to see a Psychologist. The talks we had were good, But I was still going home crying. My son Paul had said to me, Mum you need something different in your life. He suggested music, as music is good for the soul. Paul went on to the internet, touch on to Google and found Melbourne choir at the Sofitel. Paul came with me for a few months until I got used to going on my own.  Tuesday  is choir night, and I love looking forward to it. Singing makes me Happy. I have met so many nice people in the choir.” Sarah (With One Voice Melbourne)

Where Does My Donation Go?

  • $20 provides song sheets/resources
  • $100 helps pay professional conductors
  • $250 sponsors a disadvantaged person to attend choir for six months
  • $500 sponsors a disadvantaged person to attend choir for one year
  • $1,000 sponsors yourself and one other person OR two disadvantaged participants to attend choir for one year
  • $5,000 sponsors a choir supper for one year OR 10 disadvantaged participants
  • $10,000 sponsors the a With One BIG Voice concert OR 20 disadvantaged participants

$30 pays for a set of song sheets for one choir to learn a new song

$100 pays for supper for one choir to share & connect over

$250 pays for one disadvantaged person to participate in a choir program for 6 months

$500 pays for one disadvantaged person to participate in a choir program for a year

$1,000 pays for you to join a choir and directly sponsor a disadvantaged person to join for one year

$2,500 pays for 5 disadvantaged people to participate in a choir program for one year

$5000 pays for a socially inclusive supper for one year

$10,000 supports the With One BIG Voice concert bringing together all of our choirs

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