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Workplace Giving

What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for you to regularly donate to a community group  with  deductible gift recipient status (DGR) through automated payroll deductions. You pledge a nominated amount to Creativity Australia and that amount is sent to Creativity Australia each pay.

What’s in it for you?

By contributing to a workplace giving pre-tax programme, you receive the benefit of an immediate tax deduction from [ weekly/ fortnightly/monthly] wage. You are assured that your donation is received free of cost by the community organisation. Ultimately this means that less money is spent on fundraising and more can be used for the actual cause.
Workplace giving does not require a lot of time or effort from you. Once a contribution is set up, you can choose the level of involvement, if any, you would like to have with Creativity Australia. It is particularly handy for people who would like to contribute to the community but do not wish, or are unable, to take a more active role.

How does workplace giving help community organisations?

Financial assistance is vital to the ongoing work of Creativity Australia. Workplace giving funding enable community organisations to better plan activities, goals and budgets based on a regular flow of income. This means greater community outcomes can be achieved.

A workplace giving programme makes it possible for organisations to receive regular, stable and on-going funding at much lower administrative costs – a preferable alternative to expensive fundraising activities.

What happens at tax time?

Your company will keep a record of your donations across the year and provide you with a statement along with your group certificate for the amount you have donated.

In a pre-tax workplace giving system you will have already received the tax benefit throughout the year for your donation.  Therefore you only need to record the
amount on your tax return, rather than keeping receipts and claiming for that amount. It’s an easy way to give!

To find out more about workplace giving, contact [email protected] or 03 8679 6080

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