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Around the world, research is mounting that demonstrates the benefits of creativity. Find below some of our favourite research highlights and articles on the topic:




Positive Psychology

As the incidence of mental illness and stress continues to increase, the benefits of participating in activities which create a more positive psychology are becoming widely known and accepted. From a positive psychology perspective, there are several different explanations for the effectiveness of singing and making music in improving physical and psychological wellbeing.

For example:

Self-Determination Theory
Making music alone and in groups fulfills the three fundamental human needs for autonomy, competence, and relating to others.

Flow theory
Making music is the ultimate flow experience.
Playing an instrument is challenging, and as we develop our skill levels, we move on to more demanding pieces. The same goes for singing in unison – not only must you hit the right notes, you have the challenge of keeping time too. Thus the experience of flow is maintained whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert.

Hope and Optimism
These programs will enable people to start believing that their lives can actually turn out for the better.  They can start setting meaningful goals, for example, and develop ways to achieve them.

Finding something you can excel at and that you enjoy, then being given the opportunity to do it regularly is one of the most enduringly positive experiences that we know.

“I felt uncontrollably joyous!” 
“I could not stop my lips from turning upwards and smiling during the session.”
“It made me feel so happy and alive!”
“The group felt so much closer.” 
“We all felt like creative beings – now anything is possible!”  

Comments: Employees of Accenture, Macquarie Bank, Department of Education – Finding Your Voice workshop, Australia Cares Conference

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