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Social isolation and mental health have never been as prevalent in the Australian media as they are today. We are in the midst of a mental health crisis and need to work together to solve this major economic and social problem. The challenge is to engage a multi-cultural and multi-generational population.

The award-winning With One Voice program addresses the loneliness and depression epidemic that is challenging both metropolitan and rural areas.

The With One Voice program is a creative solution that, in contrast to most community support programs and services, does not focus on individual silos of disadvantage (i.e. mental health, homelessness, disability) that reinforce segregation, but rather it unites people through their common love of singing.

The establishment of choirs throughout Australia means that community building is at the core of what we do.

Creativity Australia is inviting forward thinking organisations to partner with us and benefit from access to our hard-to-reach, and significantly diverse demographic.
Your partnership with Creativity Australia will allow With One Voice to actively grow this award-winning, life-changing program, which will in turn expand the benefits we are able to return to your organisation.

The benefits we are able to return in this exclusive partnership reaching this niche Australia-wide community are:

  1. Weekly face to face choir program with over 1,000 individuals
  2. Fortnightly e-news to all choir members
  3. Monthly e-mail out to 17,000+ individuals

Additional to this direct engagement we also offer partners:

  • Naming rights – the opportunity to be the major naming partner of a choir
  • Numerous volunteering opportunities for staff across 25+ programs (and growing) around the nation
  • A managed in-house choir team-building program for staff and clients
  • Access to key performers and speakers associated with our program including our Founder and Chair, award-winning social entrepreneur, public speaker and soprano Tania de Jong AM
  • Additional branding including web site, signature strips and partner profiles (video and traditional content)
  • Twice-yearly research opportunities to 17,000+ individuals
  • Exclusive partner engagement and invitations to events with Creativity Australia board members and supporters
  • 2 performances by high-profile choirs at your events annually

We invite you to connect with our Program Manager, Nathan Lange ([email protected] / 03 8679 6088) to explore collaboration opportunities and tailor a partnership to suit the needs of your organisation.

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