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Are you looking for a job?

“I am writing to thank you and the choir for giving me a very good opportunity to get my current job.” Hui (Cherry), Melbourne Sings


If only we could all get paid to come to choir and sing – what a wonderful world that would be! If you are currently unemployed or not happy in your current job, we can help find you a job by connecting you with relevant employment services and organisations. Remember, choir is a great place to meet people and build your network, so you are already on the right track!

We can also help with job preparation including advice for interviews, advice for starting work, and advice on other aspects of life as a ‘job-seeker’. Also, coming to choir is a great way to network and find new opportunities – studies show that 80% of all jobs are filled through networking, and choir is a great, creative, positive network for you to engage with.

If you are employed, then perhaps you would like a promotion? Or you would like to know your rights as an employee? Or you would like to develop new skills or improve existing ones? If you want to change your career, then studying could be a great place to start.

Whatever your situation, we can help put you on the right path towards a greater life and wellbeing by connecting you with helpful, legitimate employment services and pathways.

Who can help you?
Organisations like Open2Study offer free online courses on diverse topics – from world music to microbiology – to kick-start your next adventure. Great learning advice is also available via the Australian Government’s Career Information and My Future.

We also recommend the following organisations – they can help you find employment and connect you with new opportunities.

Job Services Australia is the Australian Government employment services system that supports job seekers and employers.

Contact Information: 13 62 68, 8am to 6pm nationally

E-Focus is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that delivers a range of services to alleviate disadvantage and to enrich the lives of individuals and local communities through national recognised training, employment assistance and community development projects. E-Focus works with employers to recruit and train new and existing workers as apprentices and trainees and is the lead agency in the consortium that operates the National Australian Apprenticeship Centre – Apprenticeships Melbourne.

Contact Information: (03) 9450 5700, Level 2, 76-80 Turnham Ave, Rosanna VIC, 3084

JobCo. Employment Services Inc. is a community based not-for-profit employment service provider which has been delivering a comprehensive range of employment solutions to employers and jobseekers in the Melbourne and metropolitan region.

Contact Information: (03) 9356 8600, 95 Albert Street Brunswick Victoria 3056

Melbourne City Mission works with people experiencing disadvantage across Melbourne and Victoria. Every week we help thousands of people build a clear pathway away from economic exclusion and social isolation. One of their main services is to help people to find jobs, or enter into education and training.

Contact Information: (03) 8625 4444,, 19 King Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Remember, you can always ask your conductor or fellow choir members for advice – choir is a great place to network and seek out new job opportunities. We have helped so many of our members get jobs – you could be next.


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