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Our Vision

Creativity Australia inspires people to find their voice!

We deliver inclusive, creative programs that result in
positive social and economic outcomes for individuals,
organisations and communities.

Singing is the language of the heart. For centuries, song has played a key role in community, culture and story-telling worldwide. Yet how many people dare to sing freely these days… apart from in the shower?

Community singing empowers voices that have been silenced, unleashes creative potential… and that’s just the start.

Creativity Australia is a charity founded in 2008 by Tania de Jong AM. Every week, our network of With One Voice choirs inspire people from 40 nationalities, aged 9 to 90, to sing side-by-side. Age, race, language, religion, disability and disadvantage fade away. Everyone is welcome.

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For some, choir is a way to de-stress after work. For others, it’s a first glimpse into Australian life after arriving here as a migrant, asylum seeker or refugee. For others, it’s an opportunity to connect to networks, skills and employment. It’s all about joy, freedom and inspiration.

Neuroscience proves singing makes people healthier, happier, smarter and more creative. From this position, people are more capable of asking for, receiving and giving help.

The acclaimed With One Voice program deliberately unites diverse voices, building bridges of understanding and helping people connect to whatever they need in life… friends, mentors, wellbeing, new skills, self-esteem, employment and much more.

99% of participants would recommend the choir to a friend
90% experienced improved well-being on a weekly basis
80% experienced increased self-esteem
80% experienced reduced anxiety, relieved depression and made new friends
70% increased their understanding and acceptance of diversity
70% gained new skills for work and life

Through the Wish List, participants can share what they are grateful for, ask for what they need in life and grant wishes for others. Wishes granted include assistance with resume-writing and job interview practice, free singing and guitar lessons and help setting up a blog to share the stories of homeless people in Sydney.

Creativity Australia believes unleashing a community’s collective creative potential can achieve incredible social and economic outcomes.

Empowered individuals and supportive communities are better placed to solve society’s big challenges, such as cross-cultural integration, unemployment, mental illness, low economic productivity, skills shortages, loneliness and isolation, family fragmentation, homelessness and more.

This is why we’re the passionate leaders of a singing movement… to build stronger communities, improve wellbeing and change the world!

The With One Voice program has grown quickly over five years and involves hundreds of participants in Victoria and New South Wales, and reaching thousands more through their moving stories and inspirational performances.

We’re now on a mission to bring the joy of song to more and more communities around Australia. We need your help to continue this important program.

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The Joy Of Song
: an introduction to the With One Voice program
Member Evaluation Survey 2012
(choir demographics, diversity, outcomes and impact)
Mid-Year Program Evaluation 2011

Creativity Australia supports and engages with a broad range of people, organisations and groups including:

  • Migrants
  • Job seekers
  • People with physical or mental disabilities and depression
  • Youth
  • Older adults
  • Those suffering economic or social disadvantage
  • Regional and isolated individuals, groups and communities
  • Organisations helping individuals in need
  • Organisations and individuals wanting to make a difference
  • Executives and professionals seeking meaning
  • Those wishing to find confidence and their VOICE
  • All people seeking joy, hope, harmony, health and happiness!


  • Deliver With One Voice, a weekly social inclusion choir program to over 600 participants across 13 locations
  • Focus our choir programs in areas with diverse demographics and a need for community strengthening
  • Bring inspirational leaders into communities through our passionate and talented conductors, wellbeing and employment staff, volunteers and interns
  • Link individuals to health and wellbeing services and assist to improve employment pathways
  • Advocate creativity as a means to effect transformational change and address individual and community wellbeing


  • Creativity – which delivers inspiration, innovation and leadership
  • Community – which develops trust, teamwork and wellbeing
  • Diversity – to accept and enjoy all differences
  • Inclusion – that builds an environment of acceptance and belonging
  • Partnerships – which build strong, collaborative and purposeful relationships
  • Knowledge sharing – we are enriched by social exchange and expert advice
  • Integrity – by doing what we say we will do with honesty, ethics and compassion
  • Joy – in hope, happiness, contribution and participation
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