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Five Fun Facts About The With One BIG Voice Concert

There are only 25 days left until December 2nd – which marks the third ever With One BIG Voice concert!  This year’s concert will be the biggest one yet, and even sees the Sydney Sings choir making their interstate debut.

Whilst we count down until December 2nd, here are a five With One BIG Voice facts to tide you over!

Did you know…

  1. In 2011, the most tickets sold by a member was 18 tickets!  Will we break that record this year?
  2. A video of all the choirs performing Toto’s ‘Africa’ has received over 14,000 views on Youtube – watch it here
  3. The With One BIG Voice concert will take place in the same venue where Federation was debated, where Nellie Melba debuted and where the Beatles greeted their adoring fans!
  4. There will be over 400 singers performing this year – which would fill a Boeing 747 airplane
  5. The capacity of the Melbourne Town Hall is 800 people.

Have you bought your tickets yet?  Click here to buy yours today! 

And click here to download a media release.

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