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Choir participation is by tax-deductible donation. As a charity, Creativity Australia relies on your generous contribution to provide professional conductors, resources, venues, suppers and performances, and to sponsor people in need to attend a choir.

Please choose from the preferred tax-deductible donation options below or get in touch to discuss the contribution you are able to make. The With One Voice choirs welcome all people, so please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team on (03) 8679 6088 (Melbourne) with any questions.

Once you're registered, we'll send out your Welcome Kit, t-shirt (required for performances) and receipt!

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$90 per quarter ($360 per year)
$350 per year (less than $7 per week)
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$80 per year
$25 per quarter ($100 per year)
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Supporting others

People who are unable to make a contribution for their involvement in With One Voice programs are sponsored to participate through the generous support of others. These donations are also fully tax-deductible.

I would like to donate $500 to sponsor participants.
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I am unable to support other members at this time
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