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Donate to With One Voice EOFY Drive today

Creativity Australia and With One Voice need your help to assist our ground-breaking program to heal and connect our communities. Worsening mental health, loneliness and isolation have sadly, been part and parcel of many people’s pandemic experience. The neuroscientific benefits of singing in a community choir is exactly what our communities need to re-connect, restore and rebuild.

Your generous donation today will have DOUBLE the impact through being MATCHED by a similarly generous supporter.

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We have many, many wonderful and inspiring stories about our collective pandemic experiences, and I thought I’d share a short tale from our Brisbane choir conductor Cath. I urge you to read her story and reflect on how your donation will help her and our many other talented and committed music professionals around Australia provide caring, inclusive and supportive environments for thousands of people in need each week.

We have spent the past few weeks visiting our choirs in Sydney and Canberra and met some wonderful people who may make your (hopeful) contribution more meaningful and personal;

a) We met Andrew who has been coming to Redfern choir for almost 4 years. He lives in public housing on Redfern estate and through the choir he has not only gained the confidence to sing and made significant friends, but he is also now learning the Ukulele and helps Mary out with songs each rehearsal

b) We met Anne who has offered to join our Sydney committee now she’s retired and help organise things since they’re back singing. She isn’t very confident with computers but is very happy to be the person who welcomes people to each rehearsal with a smile and make sure the attendance gets done

c) We met Dianne who has just taken over Coordinating our Belconnen choir. They are looking at how their choir can best serve their community in these times and are considering a day and even venue change to make them more accessible. They are also singing almost 7 hours of songs over 4 nights at the Christmas in July festival, which is quite an undertaking

These are the people that your donation helps along with all the other exceptionally committed people in a further 30 communities around Australia. I understand that everyone’s taken a hit over these past 2 years, but if you could find even the smallest amount to contribute I know that Andrew, Anne, Dianne and thousands of others around the country will appreciate it immensely.

As previously mentioned, your generous donation will have DOUBLE the impact through being MATCHED by a similarly generous supporter.

We will keep you posted on how Andrew, Anne and Dianne fare and also how our choirs will continue to change the world …. one voice at a time ?

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