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“Hi Tania, my name is Sarah Ann Butler. The very big reason why I have joined the Melbourne choir was to belong, and to be needed.  I have been depressed for some time now, as I have not seen my daughter, or my two beautiful  grandchildren for the last 15 months, and I have been feeling very empty, lonely, and lost.

Most of my days I am crying. I know then I was going through depression. I had been going to see a Psychologist. The talks we had were good, but I was still going home crying. My son Paul had said to me, Mum you need something different in your life. He suggested music, as music is good for the soul. Paul went on to the internet, touch on to Google and found Melbourne choir at the Sofitel. Paul came with me for a few months until I got used to going on my own.

Tuesday is choir night, and I love looking forward to it. Singing makes me Happy. I have met so many nice people in the choir. The first few months  I must say, I was still very sad. The people in the choir did not see the unhappy Sarah when I was singing or talking to them. I had a mask on, I hide my sadness. But as the months went by I knew I no longer needed that mask. I am now a Happy person once again. I am surrounded by people who love me, The Choir. And that lovely Young Conductor Kym, how great! So today’s new friend is tomorrow’s Best Friend, and we all need someone to Lean on.

There was one choir night! I was singing, there was a tap on my shoulder a young lady asked me for my phone number, I gave it to her. Katherine rang me two days later, we went out for coffee into the city, we talked and laughed. Katherine is from Sydney, and she has just moved to Melbourne. We just seem to click. I have taken Katherine to the Thousands Steps, we also climb the Thousand Steps. Katherine, and myself have joined the many Volunteers in this wonderful Melbourne Choir.  We greet people at the front desk, we love seeing smiling faces coming towards us. I greet them by saying,  Hi, my name is Sarah with a Big smile on my face.”
Sarah from With One Voice Melbourne

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