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We bridge the gap between people experiencing disadvantage and those more fortunate through the neuro-scientific benefits of community singing. (CA)


On joining With One Voice Brisbane in April 2014, I was taken by the ethos of CA, but curious and a bit skeptical has to how this would play out.

Over the years hence, I began to witness and participate in the realization of this great social initiative. Moreover, it became evident that those among us experiencing disadvantage, were enjoying what for most was the highlight of their week. Personally, the participation and associated friendships formed thus has also enriched my life and no doubt that of the choir as a whole.

Until now, this phenomena has been for me one of appreciation with the process of which I was beginning to take for granted. However, from witnessing the WOV‘s Got Talent and in particular the dance exhibited by Nakinna Atkins and Hayleigh Farlow, my attitude has now gone up a gear and bought it all back home. Those two young ladies epitomized that ethos, for themselves and those others in our choir.

It is also important to highlight Cath Mundy’s role in all of this over the past six years or so. Cath has that unique insight into people which provides all choir members the same degree of welcome and inclusion without any hint of patronizing…….all members regard ourselves on the same level from day one. It follows that the neuro-scientific benefits take it from there, to the extent that WOVB hold it’s own with any community choir in Brisbane. In my words……”we are a bunch of ordinary voices who, being well led, produce an extraordinary sound“.

Thank you for the privilege

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