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I haven’t really grown up yet and don’t really intend to! There is something to be said for having a childlike curiosity, openness, and love. I find by giving I also receive. I lived in the tropical north for the past 30 years; I now live on the river in a houseboat at Kangaroo Point, which is fantastic!

I‘m also an artist, working on a series for an exhibition with two friends in November, I just love being creative. I have my own business with baths and showers, but my main business and passion is supporting people to optimum health and financial freedom.

At With One Voice Brisbane I am a buddy for new people. I always like to make people feel at ease and welcomed. It’s wonderful to hear people’s stories and enjoy the richness they contribute. I enjoy being part of the amazing growth of the choir after only such a short time, making new friends, and seeing others get confidence and realise that we are all the same in song!

Photograph by Hayley Marrs

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