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Paul Kenny

Music Specialist, Educator, Composer, Recording Artist and Conductor. Paul started his musical career at the age of 11 and began teaching at 15, specializing in piano,
keyboard, organ, music theory, composition and orchestration with further musical
studies in Australia, UK and the USA in the following years.

ARIA Award nomination in 2017 for Music Teacher of the Year and 3 Tasmanian Achiever
Awards in 2017, 2018 and 2019 for Excellence in Music and Music Education, APRA and AMCOS Board Elected as a Recognized Australian Composer 2016.

I am very honored to be working with Creativity Australia and to call myself a “With One
Voice” Conductor. I love working with a choir and inspiring people to be their best and
to discover the power of what music can do. Music defines the way in which people
live, love, breathe, and worship. Music is at the heart of all life. Music is in the sounds of
nature; the sound of the wind, the sound of the waves, the sound of the world turning.
Music is the pulse of life, it is the heartbeat of everything.

For thousands of years manchas known music and has used music in everyday life. Music has been used in worship since the dawn of time. The essence of life is music. Music can take you on a wonderful journey. It can lift your soul to new heights. Music can affect your emotions so deeply and change your mood within minutes. As a ‘Music Specialist’ I have seen how the beauty of music can be life changing. Music has the power to totally transform people and their situations in life.

Music can turn people’s emotions around from sad and unhappy to being inspired and joyous. Music is one of the only things that unites each and every person on the planet. Music is truly an international spiritual language.

Make music part of your life today.
Paul Kenny

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