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Kym Dillon began his music career as a jazz pianist, a role in which he is still active today, but suddenly found himself also working as a composer, conductor, and teacher.

He completed a Bachelor of Music Performance Honours in composition at the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne) in 2012, where he studied under such teachers as Anthony Lyons, Mark Pollard, and John McCaughey. He was awarded the Beleura Sir George Tallis Award from the ‘Friends of the VCA’ for his work in the course in 2009; and the Beleura John Tallis Award in 2010. He also composed and performed two original jazz works for the VCA Improvisation Series in 2009, for which his ensemble won the Athanaeum Prize. His honours thesis was an analysis of the use of orchestration in Henryk Górecki’s 2nd Symphony, a work that explores programmatic themes that have ties to Kym’s own current compositional output.

He has had his work performed in Australia, the U.K., North America, Canada, Romania and Italy. Amongst his Australian performances have been two works written for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and a choral work performed by the Astra Chamber Music Society. 2014 saw Kym collaborate with choreographer Jude Walton on her project Lehte, composing and performing music directly tied to the space of Heide II.

In addition to compositional work, he currently works as a music director and accompanist for three community choirs under Creativity Australia’s With One Voice program, which are based in Geelong, Ashburton, and Altona Meadows. He also works regularly as a piano and music theory teacher, accompanist, arranger and ensemble director, and occasionally as a freelance journalist for, where he writes on the subject of music in videogames, a medium for which he also regularly composes.

Kym isn’t quite sure how all of this has happened, but he’s certainly enjoying the journey. He currently happily resides in Geelong with his wife, Fiona.


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