Hugh Morgan AC

It may seem puzzling at first to see an organisation using choral singing to achieve social and economic outcomes. The link between participating in With One Voice and getting positive outcomes for individuals, society and the economy are not immediately obvious.

But it is being proven over and over again, both in academic research and more importantly, right before our very eyes. This year’s Annual Report has again highlighted to me the ubiquitous impact of these creative programs. In reading the following pages, I am sure that you will see the broad range of positives that can be achieved. We are seeing more stories of people getting back on their feet, finding jobs, improving self-confidence, appreciating their neighbour’s background and feeling generally happier.

As the organisation grows, these outcomes become more apparent because they build on each other and amplify. Some of the outcomes can be quite surprising. I encourage you to read the case study on love in the following pages. It is a very heart-warming story.

I look forward to many more successful years of Creativity Australia’s programs and hope that Australians become more supportive and receptive to such innovative and transformational programs.


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