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“We like to sing, we like to learn. We are all united as a family, as a small community. One hour of singing in the choir creates long lasting happiness in our small community. I can strongly say that Choir has huge physical and mental benefits for all of us, especially for our residents. The happiness, joy and feelings expressed by all residents during our choir practices are priceless.”

Jadranka Maksic
– Lifestyle Coordinator, Royal Freemasons Centennial Lodge, October 2017.

“I have been depressed for some time now and I have been feeling very empty, lonely and lost. Most days I am crying. I had been going to see a Psychologist. The talks we had were good, but I was still going home crying. My son suggested music, as music is good for the soul. He went on to the internet and found the Melbourne choir at the Sofitel.  Tuesday  is choir night and I love looking forward to it. Singing makes me happy. I have met so many nice people in the choir. I am now a happy person once again. I am surrounded by people who love me, The Choir.  And that lovely young conductor Kym, how great is he? The way he has control of his choir, the people in the choir hang on to every word he says,  the way he moves. His actions, the way he jumps around, he sure puts a smile on everyone’s face, what a guy…We greet people at the front desk, we love seeing smiling faces coming towards us. I greet them by saying,  ‘Hi, my name is Sarah’ with a big smile on my face,  no more tears.”  Sarah from With One Voice Melbourne.

“Thank you very much for inviting me to the choir meeting last night. While I have been lucky to  hear the choir sing a number of times and have read a lot about it, being there was so much more! Seeing such a dynamic learning community composed of such a diverse group coming together with such joy and a sense of belonging and led by a such a positive and skilled conductor was a delight.”
Karin Morrison, Education Consultant

“Having the opportunity to do a solo moment with a full choir at the holiday events at Sofitel and Fed Square definitely filled a “bucket list” item for me and was one of the highlights of my year. Certainly a challenge, but an awesome experience, and something I never dreamed I’d end up doing when I made the move to Aussie in 2012.” Ilana Abratt from With One Voice Melbourne

“I would like to acknowledge you for creating a loving accepting singing community where everyone feels empowered to give and to keep moving forward in their lives.” Suzanne

“Ted died only a couple of weeks ago, and Heather was at the funeral. Ted’s wife came up to her, asked her if she was from the choir, and told her that Ted had chosen to be buried in his choir t-shirt. In his last days at Benetas, the choir was a vital way for him to express himself.”
With One Voice Altona Meadows is Creativity Australia’s first choir in a  residential aged care facility (Benetas St Georges), led by the inimitable Kym Dillon

“I know I can’t sing, but that doesn’t matter, I enjoy ‘trying’ and being part of the great people in the choir, it’s a terrific concept bringing people of all nationalities, abilities, ages, and walks of life together. I have never experienced the comradeship before, in any organisation I have been in.” A member of With One Voice Dandenong

“I have only recently started having singing lessons only 3 months ago after many years of telling myself “I’ll get around to it one day”. I’ve always been drawn to music and as a child of kindergarten age, I would spend hours in front of my parents’ old wooden stereo listening to my mother’s records – I taught myself to read by singing along to the songs and following the lyrics on the inner sleeve – showing my age a bit there! 🙂

In recent years I have struggled with depression and I find that my singing lessons are a kind of therapy for me. It’s keeping me connected with other people and giving a sense of achievement at being able to sing songs I love. Thank you for doing what you do.” A member of With One Voice Brisbane

“I forgot to add the complimentary visit will be a thorough two hour consultation.  How good is that, at no cost to me?  Thank you so very much Peter K for your assistance and support within and outside With One Voice Melbourne.  I’m so very thankful and grateful for With One Voice Melbourne and the network of supportive people I have met since I joined in late 2012 words can’t explain and express.” Bianca, With One Voice Melbourne, after having been provided with some free dental services by a fellow choir member

“We had the most wonderful night last night recording our Sing for Spring with three other choirs it was rich in harmonies, beautiful voices, enthusiasm and so uplifting. Joining With One Voice was one of the best decisions I have ever made and thank you to all my new friends I have met for enriching my life with joy and in song, in a world of discord and fear this is reminding all of us about the joy of sharing and caring no matter where you are from, we come together to make the world a better place through song. We will be on YouTube shortly thank you for everyone involved for making this happen!” A member of  With One Voice Brisbane

“This is just to ask you to remove my wish for help to find a car from the wish list, as I’ve now found another car, thank goodness.
Although my wish wasn’t granted by the choir(s), I DID get an offer of a loan of a car by a choir member, and another choir member offered her husband to go out and help search for a used car with me. Isn’t that good? The wish list is such a wonderful initiative. And our choir rocks; it’s just great the way so many go out of their way to help others, often behind the scenes. Thanks for putting the wish out there for me.” Lucie, a member of With One Voice Ashburton

With One Voice is vibrant and well-motivated and with its strong foundations should continue to make good progress. It is a powerful complement to what other musical bodies are doing and fills a vital gap. Its contribution to multicultural harmony is most laudable.” Peter Lim

“It was a remarkable experience to be part of the first rehearsal last night and I enjoyed every minute of it. The music created by a group of strangers was just beautiful. I arrived late, having been at full day meetings for three days since Monday, so this was the perfect way to unwind.” A participant at the first rehearsal of With One Voice Brisbane

“I have sang with the Sydney group for a month, and will be leaving next week to return to our home in the US. It is my hope to sing with the Sydney group when we visit again next year. You have a wonderful organization that provides the joy of music and singing to many.

I believe singing is a way to find beauty in one’s self and others which helps to make the world a better place for all. Liz is a fantastic choral director with loads of talent, expertise, enthusiasm, and she makes each session joyful. Shannon is a very talented musician and is very welcoming to all. I have enjoyed my experience with the Sydney singers and look forward to next year.

I sing with a choir at home, and plan to share my experience with them. Again, thanks to all for allowing me to be part of this great group.” Anita

“You crowd worker, you
Everyone up on their feet
Smiles on their faces
Moving and singing
Even enjoyed it myself

You enrich our lives
By sharing your talent
Thank you”
Graham, about wonderful With One Voice Sydney conductor Elizabeth Lecoanet

“I have been very much enjoying my time with the With One Voice Ashburton choir with Kym and the gang. Kym is a truly gifted and talented musician and leader. We all adore him.” Juli, With One Voice Ashburton

“Bravo! Bravo! I suppose we could all well and rightly indulge ourselves in this mood of jubilation. On the other hand, whilst we certainly should be proud of ourselves, we should not lose sight of the behind-the-scene work that made this soiree a tremendous success. In this regard, tribute must be paid to the one and only SOUL of With One Voice Footscray, our beloved Lady Bridget for whose strenuous efforts With One Voice Footscray has been made to rise from the horizon. No one will dispute that not only is Bridget the facilitator, the music director and conductor of our choir; she is also the caring teacher, the loving mentor and our dearest mate. The efforts, commitment and dedication she invests in our team are monumental.” Raymond, With One Voice Footscray

“Choir on Monday really gives me something to look forward to. I have had some really bad times in the past month and choir really helps me.” A member of With One Voice Deakin

“I recently acquired tinnitus which is a non-stop, high pitched ringing in the ears ( a condition for which there is no cure) and it completely de-railed me, triggering feelings of anxiety, isolation and depression. A friend suggested I join a With One Voice choir and the experience lifted my spirits during a very dark time.

I sang myself into a better place emotionally and swapped the  ‘ringing in my ears’ with ‘singing in my ears’. And I have made new friends with some wonderful people in the process. I recommend With One Voice to everyone, even if you don’t think you can sing, or have been told in the past that you can’t sing! Come along and surprise yourself and sing yourself into a better place within.” Victoria

“The experience was overall thoroughly enjoyable and I never expected in my wildest dreams I’d be part of a packed Melbourne Town Hall performance. […] it was a joy to perform with so many wonderful people in such a venue.” Katie, a With One Voice choir member

“We are extraordinarily pleased with the numbers to date and the success of the Choir. It has worked better than we had anticipated and the benefits to those involved are clear. For staff doing incredibly difficult, taxing and at times quite sad work it has been a wonderful opportunity to do something uplifting and positive with others involved in the service. It has resulted in greater awareness of different parts of our OYH community work and experiences too amongst all the participants including some of our clients.” Orygen Youth Health

“My name is Fiona Ballantyne and I have been a member of the RCH Creativity Australia Choir since its commencement. I have worked at the hospital in fundraising for a couple of years and really love my job, however the choir also provides me with an added incentive to come in to work on a Monday with our practise something to look forward to. As a complete beginner singer I have very much enjoyed the opportunity to learn a new skill. I had no prior musical ability and clearly no talent, I was even reluctant to sing in the shower because of the risk to shattering all the glass around me. However, I love the opportunity to sing in a group and I think this has been a great initiative of the hospital and I recommend it to other organisations.” Fiona Ballantyne, Trusts and Foundations Manager , The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

“How they got here and what they’ve been doing here and back in China/Hong Kong. Lots are from the engineering trade and it’s good to find that in common and talk about it at choir.” Anton, Chief Engineer, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

“I have downloaded the songs and am now practising them in the car… Not bad for someone who thought they couldn’t sing.” Orygen Youth Health

“Love the program, love Shaun, love the songs and love the group singing experience.” Members of With One Voice ANZ

“The choir is the best part of my life in Sydney and I never in a million years thought I would hug a homeless person – and now I have.” Anglique, French member of With One Voice Sydney

“Thank you Tania, for the opportunity to fulfil a dream I have had since I was 11, and was deemed not suitable for the school choir.” Chris, member of With One Voice Geelong

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