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“Your presentation on the Creative Australia charity’s With One Voice program was inspirational. We are extremely thankful that you were able to donate your time in support of the Monash University Diversity and Inclusion Week. It was a great opportunity to learn how the With One Voice program engages people of diverse backgrounds, assisting those in need and breaking down social barriers. It was wonderful to meet you and your speech was highly engaging.” Monash University

“I am part of the RedBalloon crew that sings on Tuesday nights and I am having the most amazing time. It is the highlight of my week!” Angela, member of With One Voice Sydney

“I love the choir. Its one of ANZ’s best ideas! I leave the choir and feel alive and full of energy. I have met some lovely new people also which is great. Our conductor is wonderful, couldn’t ask for a better trainer. He makes the choir so enjoyable with his great sense of humour.” Member of With One Voice ANZ

“We are extraordinarily pleased with the numbers to date and the success of the Choir. It has worked better than we had anticipated and the benefits to those involved are clear. For staff doing incredibly difficult, taxing and at times quite sad work it has been a wonderful opportunity to do something uplifting and positive with others involved in the service, it has resulted in greater awareness of different parts of our OYH communities work and experiences too amongst all the participants. We are also very excited that more of our clients are participating and seeing them singing solos at Melbourne Town Hall was incredibly inspiring. It shows us how much we can achieve when we sing together as one. Some of the group have also begun to discuss the idea of authoring another OYH song for the Choir.” Kerryn Pennell, Director of Strategy, Development & Policy at Orygen Youth Health

“I really look forward to the choir it gives my week a focus and gives my day some structure….I didn’t realise it would be this much fun!”Orygen Youth Health

“It’s great to do something that is both challenging and uplifting right in the middle of the week… it certainly helps with managing the stress of our work.” Orygen Youth Health

“The choir offers an opportunity for people to extend their socialization and build relationships outside of their everyday routines. The positive benefits of this are multi-layered. … Opportunities to access such groups are often limited or restricted. Geelong Sings is a unique and valuable format to further socialization activities and extend relationships. Congratulations to Creativity Australia for continuing to find opportunities to increase our well-being through song.” Kellie Stone, Encompass Community Services

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