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Mr Vivek Chakravarty

Vivek is a Digital and Product Consultant at PwC Australia. Vivek entered into consulting over 7 years ago, with experience in strategy, operations, finance and digital product development. Vivek has since been driving towards outcomes for his clients on a social and business and managerial level, throughout Australia and globally. Vivek’s strengths lie in product development, new ways of working, corporate strategy, operational excellence, strategic alignment and storytelling. Vivek enjoys working with people to help understand their needs, wants, motivations and preferences so that he can tailor products and services to meet their needs, and develop intelligent products that predict future trends and how organisations can adapt to changing needs in the market.

While Vivek lives in Australia, he has lived in many countries including China and has studied in various universities around the world. His passions outside of digital products include sports, music and spending time with his family and friends. He especially enjoys cricket during the summer, AFL and Rugby in the winter, and enjoys sports from around the globe such as NBA and English Premier League.

Vivek hopes to continue his work and passion in organisations and groups, through his leadership and skills in business.

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