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Kingston Park, Adelaide (SA)


First in SA

The With One Voice Kingston Park choir was the first With One Voice Choir established in South Australia. Many of our choir members are local, coming from the southern beach suburbs but we also have people who travel from the other side of Adelaide to come and join us, for singing and supper on Wednesday nights.

It’s a ‘Goldilocks’ choir

Not too formal, not too casual, it’s the perfect mix of learning and fun. Quite a few of our choir members have sung in different choirs for many years. Others have never sung outside of the shower or their car, and some didn’t even get into their high school musical! But here, all voices are welcome.

Uplifting songs 

Our songs are quite unique. World music. Traditional songs from tribes and cultures across the globe. If you love the idea of singing in a group, learning beautiful songs and creating harmony, come join us.

For more information

Check out our facebook page  or call David Kelly on 0414 516 986

Read the article about With One Voice Kingston Park in the Sunday Mail. 

Join now! No singing experience necessary, everyone is welcome.

To register to join a choir, visit our member portal and click ‘Apply Now’ under ‘Join Now.’

Please note that you are welcome to attend a trial session before registering.

If you are an NDIS participant, read more here about claiming your With One Voice membership.



WOV Kingston Park 2020/21

With the easing of Covid restrictions in SA and after several weeks of online singing (huge
thanks to our wonderful conductors for all their hard work in keeping us connected) Kingston
Park choir was in the enviable position of being able to return to gathering together to sing
in July 2020. Everyone quickly embraced the new rules around social distancing, Covid
sign-ins, QR codes, hand hygiene etc. The experience of coming together again as a
group with our incredible conductors and connecting as one in song has been joyful. A few
members have drifted away over the year but many others have joined us, with our average
weekly attendance since January now reaching 55.
At the end of 2020 we ran another successful ‘Wine and Song Fundraiser’ which helped
to boost our finances. We also were successful in gaining a local council grant which was
used to produce a promotional video with the assistance of media students from Flinders

Choir Photo by Mike Burton

Choir updates

Watch this space as new updates will be posted here soon!

Rehearsal details


When:  Wednesdays 6pm til 7.30pm

Where: Kauri Community and Sports Centre, Lipson Avenue, Seacliff. SA

Conducted by: Cindy-Anne Macdonald

Please contact With One Voice HQ for more information:

Or call David Kelly: 0414 516 986

WOV Kingston Park operate under a Covid-safe Plan and follow all South Australian Health requirements

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