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James Milson Village (NSW)

It’s time to shine!

No matter what age you are or what language you speak, singing offers opportunities to learn, grow, and express who you are.

Creativity Australia has teamed up with James Milson Village, a leading aged care provider in Sydney, to bring you With One Voice James Milson Village.

Singing is human nature, yet so often we confine ourselves to only singing in the shower or car. With One Voice choirs provide an opportunity for everyone to share in the joy of song, improving our well being, happiness and sense of community.

Join now! No singing experience necessary, everyone is welcome.

Melbourne Sings


Choir updates

Watch this space as new updates will be posted here soon!

Rehearsal details


This choir has suspended rehearsals. We will update the website when rehearsals recommence. 

When: Mondays 1pm

Where: 4 Clark Road

Conducted by Elizabeth Lecoanet

Refreshments included

Contact With One Voice HQ for more information:

03 8679 6088



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