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“The choir offers an opportunity for people to extend their social capacity and build relationships outside of their everyday routines.  Often, opportunities to access such groups are limited or restricted, so these choirs provide a unique and valuable format to actively engage in the community and extend relationships. The positive benefits of this model are multi-dimensional and undeniable! Congratulations to Creativity Australia for continuing to find opportunities to increase our well-being through song.” Kellie Stone, Encompass Community Services

Why is your wellbeing important to us?
Over the past few years, the concept of “wellbeing” has emerged as the new ‘catch phrase’ in discussions of overall health and happiness. It aims to capture our life and evaluate it, taking into consideration countless factors, including physical health, job satisfaction, mental health, lifestyle, exercise, and even our relationships with others. Simply, “wellbeing” is a way of measuring who we are and how we feel.

Yet understanding and defining individual wellbeing can be difficult, because people measure it in different ways – we all have different values and priorities. What is certain however, is the need to be aware of your wellbeing and how your actions and choices are affecting your life and the lives of others around you. This awareness is key to ensuring a positive lifestyle and mindset, helping you to also seek out new opportunity and make positive changes in your life. Appreciating your wellbeing will lead to a greater appreciation of yourself, and in turn, a greater appreciation for life, your potential, and the potential of others.

Where to Start – ‘the best of selection’.
Whether you need work or someone to talk to, the Wellness Book will help you connect with some of the services available – including training and education, counselling and employment opportunities.

We are trying to make this process simple for you by checking out what’s on offer and suggesting the best programs – so you could see this as a ‘best of’ selection compiled by Creativity Australia just for you.


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