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2014 Appeal

Dear Supporter

Wow, what a year it has been so far! The launch of Queensland’s first With One Voice choir went off with a bang and following my TEDtalk How singing together changes the brain, we’ve had enquiries from across the globe. A pilot is even under development in Phoenix, Arizona!

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“It is really good therapy for me to meet so many different and wonderful people – people who are homeless or who have a disability or who are recovering from depression and other illnesses. People who have businesses and office workers…”
Leon, With One Voice Sydney
Read Leon’s story.

The With One Voice program, recently named one of Australia’s top social innovations, welcomes people aged 9 to 90, from more than 40 nationalities. Migrants, CEOs, job-seekers, people with mental illness, people with disabilities, workers, seniors, students, refugees… everyone is welcome.

Singing increases neuroplasticity and puts people in a great headspace to connect to whatever they need in life: wellbeing, friends, mentors, self-esteem, skills, networks, employment and more.

Through the Wish List, participants grant one another wishes like free music lessons, English tuition, work experience and jobs.

77% of With One Voice participants are subsidised. Please make a tax-deductible donation to  help us reach more people in need.

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“I volunteered as choir member support officer because I wanted to give back to a community that has given me so much.”
Annabel, With One Voice Melbourne
Read Annabel’s story.

There are 750,000 Australian institutions working to support people with specific challenges. With One Voice choirs complement these programs by uniting our global community, creating amazing opportunities for diverse people to help themselves and each other.

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“Every time I have come back to With One Voice Melbourne I am filled with joy and I have given this joy a name and I call it emotional sunshine.”
Eli, With One Voice Melbourne
Read Eli’s story.

This year, our inaugural Sing for Spring project will unite people in workplaces, community clubs, schools and homes across the nation in an unparalleled singing celebration of creativity and diversity!

Please join us on this inspiring journey and help us change the world, one voice at a time.

Read more choir member stories here.

Yours in song


Founder and Chair              Patron

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