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National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week: 30th July – 5th August

National Cerebral Palsy Week (CP Week) will be held from Monday July 30th to Sunday August 5th.  CP Week is an annual celebration which recognises the achievements of people with cerebral palsy, and aims to create greater awareness, understanding and acceptance.  The important message for our community is to focus on seeing people with cerebral palsy firstly just as people, and to work together to achieve full social inclusion.

“National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week highlights that with the right support people with Cerebral Palsy can and do reach their potential, despite the economic, physical and attitudinal barriers often faced,” said Glenn Rappensberg, President, Cerebral Palsy Australia.

One of Cerebral Palsy Australia’s member organisations, CPSN Victoria, is hosting some events as a part of CP Week – why not get involved by visiting them at:

  • Stall at NAB, Docklands – Thursday August 2nd and Friday August 3rd
  • CPSN Cocktail Party – Sunday August 5th.  This free event at Clifton Hill requiries a ticket – click here to book yours!

Cerebral Palsy Australia suggests a number of ways to get involved in CP Week – by learning more about cerebral palsy, sharing a story or by simply making a donation.

Stress Down Day!

This Friday 27th July is the national Stress Down Day – an initiative of Lifeline Australia.  Lifeline Australia encourages everyone to stress less and to feel better – whether you wear your Stress Down slippers all day, go to work in your pyjamas or have a stress free morning tea – the choices are endless – just as long as you stress less and have fun.

Stress Down Day is a fundraising event to help cover the cost of running Lifeline’s 24 hour telephone counselling line – 13 11 14.  Forget Casual Friday, why not suggest Stress Down Thursday at your workplace this week?   Workplaces participate by enjoying a day of stress reducing activities, including wearing casual dress to work, in exchange for a donation to the cause.

Lifeline have also put together a few fact sheets – a handy guide to overcoming stress and some information about stress.

You can read more about the cause and ways you can get involved here.

Wishing you a stress free week!

Melbourne Sings Reminder!

Just a quick reminder to the Melbourne Singers that there is rehersal next week, on Tuesday 31st July.  Rehearsals will continue as normal for the rest of the year.

Why not celebrate by bringing a friend along?

Olivia Newton-John is Lovin’ Heidelberg Sings!

The Heidelberg Singers performed brilliantly at the opening of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre on June 23rd. It was reported that Olivia was in tears at your rendition of ‘Imagine,’ and even joined in on stage for ‘Summer Lovin”!

You did a fantastic job of uplifting the spirits of everyone in attendance, truly setting the tone for the inspiring Centre. Well done!

To view some photos of the performance, visit here.


Hume Sings Rehearsal Cancelled

Apologies to the Hume Singers – rehearsal for tonight (18th July) has been cancelled.

Rehearsal will be as usual next week, on the 25th July.  See you there!

Hume choir gives community a united voice

Hume Sings was recently featured in the Hume Leader newspaper – you can read the article here. It has a great photo of some of the Hume Singers too!

Hume & Footscray Sings Wow The Choirs Festival!

Congratulations to all who participated in the Choirs Festival last weekend! Anrew Houston from SingWest has extended his congratulations for what was a great performance, saying “it is really great to be able to see so many different choirs, arrangements, styles and voices. Loved it!”

We’ll keep you updated about any photos of the performance – but if you know of someone who did take any photos or a video, why not get them to email the photos, or post them onto our Facebook page?  It’d be great to see pictures of the Hume and Footscray Sings choirs coming together!


Greater Dandenong Sings – Congratulations!

Congratulations on your great performance at the Rotary Club of Dandenong’s Changeover Dinner earlier this week!  If anyone has any photos, why not post them on our With One Voice Facebook page?  It’d be great to see the Greater Dandenong Sings choir in action.

Heidelberg Sings Holidays

Heidelberg Sings will be breaking Thursday July 5,  returning Thursday July 19.

Why not bring a friend for term 3?

Brand New Songbook 2012 Has Arrived!


Creativity Australia is proud to present its first ever With One Voice Songbook!

The book is 50 pages in full colour, and contains lots of classic songs with contributions from all of the With One Voice conductors.

All registered choir members will receive a free copy once the choirs resume after the holidays.

Geelong Sings Holidays

Geelong Sings will be breaking Monday July 2,  returning Monday July 16.

Why not bring a friend for term 3?

Footscray Sings Holidays & Gig!

Footscray Sings will be breaking Thursday July 5,  returning Thursday July 19.


Upcoming Performance!
Western Suburbs Choirs Festival
When: Sunday July 8
Rehearsal 1:30pm, doors open 2pm.
Finish 4:30pm

The Choirs Festival is part of the Newport Folk Festival – a weekend of concerts, workshops and jam sessions in various venues. The event will be at The Substation on the afternoon of Sunday 8 July – bring your family & friends along for a marvellous afternoon of entertainment!

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