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Sydney Sings, Sydney Soars – Celebrate!

The Sydney Sings party, I mean choir, is great fun every week. Shannon and I have a ball. I don’t think it is possible to have a more diverse group of people, all just having fun, sharing great music together.

Each week is different, as we are still growing in numbers (I think we are up to 80!), learning new songs and singing oldies we all know and love. We sing from our hearts and with our whole body. It is all just good for the soul. We’ve even managed to sing in 3 part harmony last week. It’s sounding awesome!

The highlight for me however, is not only this wonderful music that we are singing, (especially as most of us were told “not to sing” or “go to the back of the choir”….) but the heart warming stories that we share.

Between songs, people tell their stories (not long ones…). We share little things about ourselves, our ancestors, people and things we love, our wishes, what we are grateful for, our favorite moments in our day, our lives.

And what stories we have to share. What resources we have to support each other with, and what a deep joy this brings.

One lady from the corporate community who is finally getting a kitten this weekend, and between the kitten and the choir, she says she has all the unconditional love she needs; another overseas member got a job offer thanks to another choir member, how great is that! We are still looking for ways to improve on golf swings…anyone, anyone?

Some of the favorite musical moments for our choir members include singing with Sydney Street Choir at the Opera House; a Bette Midler concert at Radio City in NYC in the 1980s; and an older member remembering back to when she was 3 years old, and coming out from under her blanket in her cot singing a butterfly song to herself.

And then we sing. This is why we sing…

We meet every Tuesday in the warm and inviting Pitt St Uniting Church at 5.30pm, new members are always welcome, just turn up; and a free Oz Harvest feast afterwards for all.

See you soon at Sydney Sings!

View some photos of Sydney Sings rehearsing here.

Written by Elizabeth Lecoanet.

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