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Hume Sings Last Song – Jacinta Caruana on Hume Sings

Hume Sings was Creativity Australia’s smallest choir in numbers but was full of heart. With members from Craigieburn, Gladstone Park, Campbellfield and Broadmeadows and age ranges from teens to their eighties. The main thing that bought Hume Sings together was the love of meeting new people and learning something they never have before. Growing confidence and having a sense of accomplishment was something Hume Sings members cherished from their choir experience. The fact that everyone was so friendly made it a comfortable environment for people to be themselves and feel great about trying something new.

At the With One BIG Voice concert on December 2nd, Hume Sings performed ‘What a Wonderful World’. We chose this song over a few other options because coming to choir meant being able to escape from the craziness that life can sometimes be, and this song gives us a chance to reflect on the positive things in our lives. This is something we often did at Hume, encouraging each other to share something positive from our week and inspiring others to do the same. Sometimes, it might be harder than other weeks, but nothing is too small to make a big difference and bring a smile to our day.

‘What a Wonderful World’ has lovely lyrics, and gives joy to many people and it is a pleasure to be able to share our own delicate and honest version with the audience and other choirs at the concert. Being just a few members, it was easy to feel very exposed, but this encouraged us to smile and sing with confidence, in turn helping us to have a wonderful time performing on stage together. Ranee of Hume Sings said “it’s a beautiful song that captures the message we want to share with everybody. It’s a positive message with a pleasant uplifting melody which makes me feel great singing”.

With a change of conductors in the middle of the year, and a venue change to the wonderful Banksia Gardens, it has been an eventful 2012 for Hume Sings with its challenges, but memories that will last beyond the With One BIG Voice concert.

Written by Jacinta Caruana, conductor of the former Hume Sings choir.

Despite the best efforts of our CA team, we regretfully have to close Hume Sings. We will always remember the legacy of the small choir being joined by Footscray Sings to perform ‘What a Wonderful World’ at this years concert.  We hope that the Hume Sings members will walk away with many happy memories, and to perhaps see their smiling faces at other choirs in 2013.

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