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Gilbert + Tobin Do Workplace Wellness

Adding to the strength of Sydney Sings, we are pleased to partner with Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers. It’s great to see this company giving their employees an opportunity to attend choir, to sing and mentor others.

According to the Black Dog Institute, we spend at least a third of our life, and half of our waking hours, at work.  It is important, therefore, to recognise whether we (and our fellow staff!) are satisfied at work, and to identify what aspects we are happy with and whether other aspects need attention.

What is wellbeing in the workplace?

The work of Professor Martin Seligman and other positive psychology pioneers clearly shows that what counts at work is generated by a workplace that:

• Encourages personal growth
•  Gives a sense of autonomy and confidence
• Promotes positive relationships with co-workers
• Fosters a clear sense of purpose and self-acceptance.
• The impact workplace wellbeing has on mental health is being increasingly recognised.

And so too is the power of group singing!

The With One Voice community choir program harnesses this power, our program provides organisations with many opportunities to improve the overall wellbeing of their workplace.

Gilbert + Tobin believe that involvement in our choir programs is an excellent strategy for their organisation to positively build the wellbeing within their workplace!

The diversity of our choir membership provides a great opportunity for Gilbert + Tobin staff to grow and extend their professional and community networks.

For more research on Workplace Wellness >> read more

To find out more about our Workplace Wellness program contact us.
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