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Chaos theory is a mathematical field of study that explores the behaviour of highly sensitive systems to different conditions. It is best recognised by the response the conditions create which is called the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is most easily explained by the famous metaphor, if a butterfly were to flap its wings in Brazil, would it set off a tornado in Texas? Put simply the butterfly effect is a metaphor for change.

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Marg and daughter unite With One Voice

Marg and daughter

For resident Marg Walker, the With One Voice Altona Meadows community choir at Benetas St George’s is more than just an opportunity to sing along to her favourite tunes.

Read more in this great article from DPS News.

It’s never too late: raise your voice, lift your heart


Adrift after the loss of her great love, Angela Quigley re-discovered joy and a new community at With One Voice Brisbane.

Read more in this lovely Reader’s Digest article by Hazel Flynn.

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Just start singing! Karaoke jam open now.

You’re invited to join an online karaoke jam! Have a listen to the simple tune below and add your voice… [Read]

Start a choir with NEW MyChoir toolkit

Do you want to start a community choir? Or re-energise an existing choir? You are warmly invited to be part… [Read]

Christmas in Brisbane

Thank you to With One Voice Brisbane participant Madonna for these pictures of the choir’s Christmas 2014 performances at the Wynnum… [Read]

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